Quantcast Chemical Operations Reference and Training Manuals


Chemical Detection, Biological Reconnaisance, Decontamination Operations, Chemical Surveys, Radiological Operations, Smoke Operations, Chemical Agents, School Weapons Effects, Logistics, Smoke Pots, Chemical And Biological Operations

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Army Chemical Operations

Operation of the M12A1 PDDA

Operation and Maintenance of the 50

Maintenance of the M12A1 PDDA

Chemical Detection and Reporting

Chemical Biological Reconnaisance

Operational and Thorough Decontamination Operations

Planning Radiological and Chemical Surveys

Radiological Operations

US Army Chemical School Nuclear Reporting

Calculate and Compute Nuclear Data

US Army Chemical School NBC Decontamination Concepts

Operation and Maintenance of the M3A4 Smoke Generator

Troubleshooting Procedure for the M3A4 Smoke Generator

Conduct Smoke Operations

Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting of the M157 Smoke Genarator System

Chemical Agents/Compound

US Army Chemical School Weapons Effects

NBC Logistics

Smoke Pots

Chemical and Biological Operations



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